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  2. The Rainborowes, by Adrian Tinniswood - review
  3. "The Rainborowes: One Family's Quest to Build a New England by Adrian T" by Molly McClain
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Yet his death in a chaotic affray in the aftermath of Colchester, implausibly blamed by his friends on Cromwell, made him the symbol of a cause whose radicalism the future lord protector seemed to have betrayed. His funeral in London turned into a mass political demonstration. But he could hardly have done more to bring them to life or to capture their part in the convulsions of their time. James Forsyth. James Delingpole. Nick Rosen. Katy Balls. Paul Dacre. Claire Fox.


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The Rainborowes, by Adrian Tinniswood - review

Sebastiao Salgado — master of monochrome, chronicler of the depths of human barbarity. A cast of Antony Gormley? Or a pair of giant conkers? Using rare printed material from the period and unpublished manuscripts from collections in Britain and America The Rainborowes recreates day-to-day life on both sides of the Atlantic during one of the most tumultuous periods in Western history.

In their efforts to build a paradise on earth, the Rainborowes and their friends encounter pirates and witches, prophets and princes, Muslem militants and Mohican Indians. They build new societies. They are ordinary men and women, and they do an extraordinary thing. They change the world.

"The Rainborowes: One Family's Quest to Build a New England by Adrian T" by Molly McClain

Tinniswood is 'not even sure' that he 'likes' the Rainborowes Adrian Tinniswood has an eye for a good tale. In this well researched history of the family and their influence, Tinniswood conjures an England of holy-rolling, anti-rational sectarians and Cromwellites of every stripe. Tinniswood's main aim here is not, in the end, to prove an abstract argument, but to tell some very good stories - something he does extremely well, with a command of atmospheric detail and a fund of human sympathy. Added to basket. Winds of Change. Peter Hennessy. Peter Moore. The British in India.

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