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The characters in are mostly Amber and a mysterious girl who turns up near Amber's gift shop, bleeding and suffering from amnesia. Amber feels close to the girl as she was the one who found her and shes determined to help the girl get her memory back. All good ingredients for a story but like I said, I had trouble getting into it. It was only the last pages that it really started to interest me. Dec 18, Kathleen Gray rated it really liked it. Amber, Gywneth, and Lumin are linked- but how?

This dual time line novel set in and is all about secrets and how they can tumble through time. The novel starts with Amber finding Lumin on the beach. Who is she and why does no one come forward for her? No spoilers. This is a well written twisty tale that eventually comes together. You will root for all three women, who are well drawn. Some of the others, well you might not like them so much.

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. Jan 22, Helen Peacock rated it it was amazing. Absolutely loved this book! A really great read. I love going to new places in a book and picturing the scenery, this book made me want to go to there! Great characters who I enjoyed spending time with. Mar 17, Bev rated it really liked it Shelves: read.

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I found this book had just the right amount of intrigue to keep me wanting to turn the pages. The book is centred around Amber who runs a quaint gift shop on the seafront form those wonderful huts you see in some seaside towns, and a mysterious girl who Amber, her mum and Aunt found one morning with no coat on and shoeless walking along the beach unsure where she is or even who she is. The story is told in alternating chapters which also is two different timelines, one being and one in The story follows the mystery of who the girl is and the lengths that Amber goes to, to help her. All in all, a really interesting story and a book that I found had an ending that to me was perfect!

I read this book courtesy of a copy provided by NetGalley and Avon books and my review is my honest opinion. Dec 20, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley , netgalley I loved this book!!! There were so many secrets between the families. I never expected the ending and would have never guessed. I honestly never saw that coming.

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I loved the characters, story and writing style. I loved getting to know Amber and Gwyneth and how the book alternated between the two. I kept trying to figure out how their stories would be connected. I also kept wondering what Gwyneth did to be have sent away and to never see her parents again.

My biggest question was - who was that g I loved this book!!! My biggest question was - who was that girl who had fallen through the ice in beginning of the book???? The book focuses on Amber and Gwyneth.

The Death Of The Family Secret

Gwyneth's story begins in She is a wildlife-documentary-maker who happens to stumble upon the McClusky family one fateful night. Gwyneth has pretty much been on her own since she was fifteen, when her parents sent her away to work at her aunt's hotel. She has never been much for family until she meets Dylan and her life changes.

Amber's story takes place in Amber rescues a young girl she finds on the beach in December. The girl is freezing since she isn't wearing a coat or shoes and has a gash on her head. Even worse she has no memory. Amber connects with the young girl due to a tragic loss in her life.

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Amber sets off with the girl on a trip to help her gain her memory. Eventually all the secrets are revealed and it isn't what Amber, Gwyneth or the young girl expected. The ending of the book was amazing. I loved how all the pieces finally fit in place. It wasn't what I expected. I loved all the descriptions of the animals. Especially Duchess the seal and her baby. I felt like the book was a bit of a mystery with Amber trying to solve the identity of the young girl ad some romance. When Gwyneth celebrated her second Christmas with the McClusky family, I really thought they were going to kill her and steal the child.

I never trusted that family, they gave off a creepy vibe. After reading this book I definitely know I will never walk over an icy loch not that I ever planned to. I definitely recommend this book. I was captivated from the very beginning until the last page. I can't wait to read more books by the author.

Feb 20, Rae rated it it was amazing. This is a fantastic wintery read, as the story revolves around a lodge set in a remote part of the snowy Scottish highlands.

The Family Secret by Tracy Buchanan

What links these women to a teenager named Lumin love that name and the enigmatic McClusky clan? A gripping mix of emotional family drama and psychological thriller. One for fans of Susan Lewis and Dorothy Koomson. Apr 07, Margaret rated it liked it Shelves: e-books , fiction , review-copy , mysteries , , mount-tbr The narrative switches between the two periods — one in written in the third person present tense and the other in — in the first person past tense, so the timelines are easily distinguishable.

The two storylines eventually merge. However, it begins with a prologue in which an unnamed woman drowns in a frozen lake, watched by an unnamed man. As I read on I was wondering who they were and what had led up to that scene and how it fitted into the main part of the book. There are plenty of secrets and several twists in the story. In , Amber Caulfield comes across a young girl is found stumbling along the beach at Winterton Chine on the south coast of England, not wearing a coat or shoes and unable to remember who she is, or how she got there. Amber who has her own problems decides to help her remember who she is and to reunite her with her family. The second storyline, beginning in is full of secrets too. She comes across a lodge overlooking a loch. Fortunately she is rescued by Dylan McClusky and taken in by his family.