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Nutella Strawberry Chocolate Cake April 9, Chocolate Molten Lava Cake March 20, Chocolate Truffles, 2 ways: with Sea Salt… January 4, Small Bites. Fun Stories. What's New. The most beautiful Pueblo blancos to see in New meets old in 33 inspiring photos of Top 5 places to see in stunning Sevilla. How to make the most of your time Walking with gentle giants: A day as an All aboard! Would you believe this is a winery? Del Dotto Caves. Darioush Winery. Photo Credit: Sebastien Gabriel. You may also like. Amazing Alamere Falls: What you need to A beautiful weekend retreat in Mendocino.

Why you need to see Dawn Falls Next visit! Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Alexis Baking Company Is there a better way to kick off the weekend than a truly wholesome plate of breakfast food?! Trust me! At 78 years old, Clemente himself is still in the kitchen cooking up malfatti every day alongside four generations including great-grandsons! A true Napa success story. My last recommendation is St. Clair Brown Winery, a sweet little greenhouse tasting room serving up fancy cheese plates, rosemary olives, and creamy hummus — all made in-house using ingredients from their garden — to pair with a handful of seasonal wines.

To follow along on my everyday adventures in the Napa Valley and beyond, feel free to follow me over at emmakmorris. All photos courtesy Emma K. The Visit Napa Valley Blog.

The Visit Napa Valley Blog

Blog Home. November 29, Here are her tips for what to do during your visit: 1. Buttercream Bakery and Diner.

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The Embassy Suites : Spacious, comfortable rooms. RiverPointe Resort : A budget option with individual mini cottages, family-friendly amenities, and a walking trail close by. The riverfront now includes the Napa Riverfront Green, which connects to the Napa Vine Trail, and the Promenade on the other side of the river.

Non Alcoholic Napa: Things to do in Napa Valley Besides Drink Wine

As you walk along the promenade, you can visit shops, cafes and restaurants, and if you visit Napa Valley with kids, they can run freely here without worrying about cars. The owner values food so fresh that he picks ingredients from his garden before coming to work. This is also a good choice for Happy Hour, Mon. In the mood for Italian? How to Really Experience Napa Valley. Art in Napa Valley.

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  • A Romantic Getaway in Napa Valley. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!! I love Napa valley, especially the spas. Your pizza looks so authentic Neapolitan too. I love Napa too! It is truly beautiful during all the seasons! I live in napa and I love seeing the artwork, and the food is especially delicuous!


    However, you know how much I love Fall colors and hiking. I would love to hike the area to experience the peace, quiet, beauty, and colors of the outdoors there. Fabulous tips! Fascinating to learn about the process and see it in action. I have been to or done everything on your list! I love visiting Napa.

    We do so4 times or more a year. Fall is by far our favorite time to visit.

    Napa Travel Guide: 5 Things to do in the Napa Valley

    The colors beautiful. The only thing I would disagree with you on is the Napa River Inn. We stayed there in May. The room we were in was sub par at best. The bowl of the sink in the bath was cracked and had obviously been so for some time. The carpet that led to the bathroom was separated from tile the that led to the tub and I caught my foot in it and took a tumble.

    The closet door was stained by all the hairspray and products used at the sink. I was very disappointed and would not choose to stay there again. But hey 29 out of 30 is not bad. I would add Goosecross Winery to my list to make It is a small winery with great wine and a small but welcoming tasting room. I am sorry to hear about your experience at the Napa River Inn. I hope you were able to speak with someone about the issues so that they could take care of them.

    Thanks for your suggestion of Goosecross Cellars. Good Morning.. Loved your article.. Jenna, we are flattered you made pizza and bignes one of your 30 recommended things to do in Napa. Thanks for the nice mention!

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    Sincerely, Suzanna. So glad you stopped by!

    fjghjhfg.co.vu/6727.php I look forward to trying more of your food on my next visit. I am a sucker for authentic Italian food! So many delicious food options and here I am miles away. Thanks for a little more travel inspiration in my day! So glad you liked it. It really is great in November unless you get an unlucky rainy day.

    Trusted Reviews and Ratings

    Let me know if you make it down this way! What an incredible list of things to do in Napa Valley — I hope to get there some day to experience it for myself. All your food photos look so delicious — particularly the lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes — yum! What a fantastic list and anything with wine strikes a chord with me.

    Biking the backroads of Napa is great fun too — and I have a free biking guide on my website if anyone is interested. Ooh, I will check out your bike tour information because that is something I will enjoy doing.