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  2. ‘Blunt Not the Heart, Enrage It’: The Psychology of Revenge and Deterrence
  3. BJP to its leaders: Keep restraint, project Balakot as pre-emptive strike, not revenge
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Pending resolution of portentous questions, Spenser, Hawk and Susan will handle their quandaries deftly.

Their high-velocity patter does not age. Violence is concise, alcoholic intake moderate, wrangling warmed by wit and smoothed by stimulants. Proof that Parker is near the top of his form, which is nothing to sneeze at. Is this the banality of evil? Rather the banality of everyday life and the tug of war between tenacity and despair.

The rather hazy plot turns on a tiff between two minor drug lords that erupts when an underling boots off a kid retailing drugs from a street corner. Out of this dumb mistake a stream of violence flows, to engulf the neighborhood and culminate in a bloodbath. Rachel, Lorenzo, their friends, their associates and their pets thread their way through a jagged obstacle course of contention, past warring gangs and commonplace carnage, disconcerting hazards and turgid pitfalls, to emerge from a corpse-strewn, blood-spattered finale scathed but not hopeless.

About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. July 10, Opposition figures and pundits alike have loudly speculated that the troubling pronouncements are actually a ruse to turn attention away from scandals that have implicated government members and from growing protest against pension reform.

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French media have even suggested that President Nicolas Sarkozy, whose approval ratings are in the doldrums, has borrowed the tactic of the well-timed terrorism scare from the playbook of former U. President George W. The lesson of the last decade should be that what governments do to prevent terrorism matter less than what they do afterwards.

If there are attacks in Europe in response to the US drone attacks in Waziristan one hopes the connection made by the victims is not the simple one between the action and the actors but that the US might just as well directly attack wavering support in Europe for its intentions, and cut out the tribal middlemen.

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The continuous sound of drones over Gaza during Operation Cast Lead in January of , traumatised the population there. One wonders if the users of such technologies ever considered how they would react if drones filled the air with their sound over their own countries and how provocative it may be. There is one glaring omission from this analysis. It is its failure to ask who and what would be the major beneficiaries of such attacks because, in matters of such high-stakes geo-politics, the answer is likely to be a pretty accurate guide to the real forces behind them.

The problem of course is that for even the most intelligent of establishment skeptics, it is simply not possible to ask — let alone answer — such a question publicly, openly and honestly, for two reasons which, in order of the intellectual rigor of the potential questioner, go something like this:.

‘Blunt Not the Heart, Enrage It’: The Psychology of Revenge and Deterrence

Western security and intelligence services are fine upstanding organisations focused single-mindedly on the protection of their respective populations from wicked terrorists bent on harming us. The very idea that they might condone LIHOP , let alone organise, supply, facilitate MIHOP such attacks is treasonous and those suggesting otherwise should be locked up or otherwise effectively silenced.

So that cognitive dissonance becomes the order of the day and the system grinds on its relentless way. Operation Gladio might be a good starting point for Western Europeans — together with the writings of Ola Tunander — some of it available on WikiSpooks.

BJP to its leaders: Keep restraint, project Balakot as pre-emptive strike, not revenge

War in Context Preemptive strikes or preemptive revenge in Waziristan? By Paul Woodward , September 30, The US commands the sky over Waziristan because it dare not occupy the land.

The Six Day War 1967 Documentary

Thus far, local horror has been a reliable catalyst for global folly. Send formal cease and desist letters. Warn that you can take legal action if the offense in question would permit you to. If the fired employee feels as though he or she is getting away with it, the extent of the damage may grow out of your control. Even still, it never hurts to cover your bases to assure the continued success and security of your business.

Sienna Walker is a business and careers blogger and an ex-tutor.

Preemptive Revenge Mug

Interested in all those little things that make businesses grow and expand, Sienna spends a lot of her time online, participating in online discussions with employees, CEOs, and job-seekers alike. Privately, a self-proclaimed coffee addict. Thursday, September 26, Assess the Threat Level Some employees will be more adept at exacting revenge. Review Your Contracts Ideally, you will have included something in your employment terms with every individual that prohibits them from disparaging the company during and after their employment.

Revoke Access Preventing digital access and preventing physical access go hand in hand. About the author: Sienna Walker is a business and careers blogger and an ex-tutor. How to bring out the best in your employees Motivated Employees are Better Employees.

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Training your staff of your workplace against burglars and break-ins. Changing Careers: 5 Tips for Financing the Transition.