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Contract negotiations can be tricky. Your Job Search Advisor will be on hand to give you feedback and advice prior to signing the contract and accepting the offer final. These documents can take some time, so be sure to plan accordingly. The amount of time can vary depending on your departure date and the country. The typical processing time to receive your passport is four to six weeks from the time of application. To get a passport, you must first fill out the PPTC application form, which can either be downloaded online from the Passport Canada website or picked up at any Passport Canada office, Canada Post outlet, or Service Canada centre.

There are various identifications you will need to fill out the form, including:. You must select a guarantor to sign your application, the backside of one of your photos, and the copies of the documents supporting your identity and citizenship. A guarantor is required to be 18 years of age or older, and must hold a five-year, valid Canadian passport.

Generally, a guarantor is a person who knows you personally for more than two years and can verify the accuracy of your statements and documents supporting your Canadian passport application. Once the form is filled out, you can bring the application to a Passport Canada Regional office, a participating Canada Post office, or a Service Canada office.

How to Teach English Abroad with No Experience - TravelFreak

In order to legally work in most countries, a work visa is required. A visa is a travel document obtained from your destination country allowing you to live and work there. Often, you must apply for a working visa through the government in your home country, for the country in which you intend to work. You can only apply for a work visa once you have signed a contract with an ESL school.

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Sometimes, although it is not recommended, an ESL teacher will travel to their destination country on a tourist visa in order to sign a contract. To learn more about the process and requirements for obtaining a visa, visit Visa and Travel Documentation. Prior to your departure, there are many things you will need to consider. We have created a Preparing to Go Checklist to ensure you have thought about everything before you leave. The list includes reminders for preparing your documents; including obtaining a work visa, organizing your documentation and making copies, and gathering your families contact information and giving them yours.

There is a section designated specifically to airline tickets, where you can read about getting the best price for airline tickets, flight restrictions, and luggage tags. You will learn about medical considerations in this section and ensure you have the appropriate vaccinations required for the country in which you are travelling. Financial reminders are also included in this list; you will want to ensure you have organized your finances prior to your departure.

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You will also want to consider getting a criminal record check before you leave and spend time researching the laws and customs in the country in which you plan to travel. Finally, there is a section that will prepare you for the classroom, including what you will need to bring from you home country and proper attire for your school.

Finally, you have arrived in your destination country! This is both an exciting and overwhelming time, as you are now stepping foot into a new country with new customs, culture, and environment. Make sure you have already pre-arranged a pickup with a representative from the school where you will be teaching. You should have already discussed where to meet this person and informed them where you will be going.

10 Steps to Teaching English Abroad

Remember, travelling to a foreign country not only means that you have immersed yourself in a completely new culture, but you are also in a country where most people do not speak English; ensure you have a translator book available, as well as your new home address in case you need to communicate with someone other than the school representative.

Once you arrive at your new place of residence, here are a few tips to get you settled in the new area:. Aside from helping people learn how to communicate in English, you are also there to learn about different cultures, taste exotic foods, see unbelievably beautiful parts of the world, and grow as a person; so enjoy this exciting adventure you have stepped into.

This is the moment you have worked so hard for; your first day teaching in an ESL classroom. Your first day in the classroom can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. From the various theories such as Second Language Acquisition and Multiple Intelligence Theory, to ESL warm-up games, to classroom management techniques, you are ready to put what you have learned into practice.

Many ESL teachers find they learn a lot by simply observing how their students and fellow teachers interact with one another. Be sure to spend the time needed to properly prepare for upcoming lessons and ensure your lesson plans fit the needs of your students. Also, check out our ESL teaching resources for a comprehensive collection of lesson activities and plans, classroom and teacher resources, and various resources for ESL teachers.

These will be useful in your first week of teaching, and can be used throughout your teaching career. This experience of a lifetime can be your reality if you follow these 10 steps to teaching English abroad. Since , we have helped thousands of graduates find fascinating jobs throughout the world. Let Oxford Seminars help guide you on a journey to remember.

Teaching English Overseas

Teach English Abroad. Toronto, ON 44 reviews Course Oct. Scarborough, ON 6 reviews Course Jan. Mississauga, ON 8 reviews Course Nov. Sign Up! View Our Course Outline Extensive Course Materials As part of the extensive course materials included, you will receive a comprehensive teaching textbook by Jeremy Harmer, our industry-leading page training manual, and a practical grammar textbook. Does this country require a visa and if so, how difficult is it to get one?

Do I meet the inoculation and health requirements of this country? Does this country have a strong ESL market? Does the average teaching salary of this country work with my lifestyle? What is the social, political, and economic picture of this country, and how will this affect me? Does this country interest me; can I envision myself living there for an extended period of time?

Use Our Website As a Resource Country Information Our Country Information offers an overview of countries around the world, providing information on typical contract lengths, peak hiring seasons, additional benefits included in teaching contracts, and other information relevant to a specific region. Elements Related to Teaching ESL You will need to provide information about your place and year of birth, citizenship, and first language. Education All resumes should include a break down of your education to date. Related Work Experience Outline your previous work experience, and place a priority on jobs related to leadership and teaching — for instance, coaching or tutoring.

Interview Tips Speak clearly and avoid pausing. Answer the questions within a few sentences without overloading the response with unnecessary details. Be grammatically correct with your answers. Keep a positive tone of voice throughout the interview. Make it clear through the interview that you are excited about the prospect of teaching English abroad. Be aware that you may be speaking with an ESL speaker and as such, choose simple and clear vocabulary. Things to watch for: Split shifts Unpaid holidays Sick days Reimbursement of airfare Overtime Accommodations Key money mainly in Japan Transportation Preparation Time Extracurricular activities Healthcare Holidays Transportation from airport when first arriving in the country Be Realistic It is important to keep in mind that you should only negotiate those things in which you are not willing to compromise.

There are various identifications you will need to fill out the form, including: Passport Photos You will need two identical, coloured photos of yourself, taken within the past 12 months.

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Two types of identifications with a copy of each : Document to Prove Canadian Citizenship Birth Certificate Certificate of Canadian Citizenship Document to Support Identity — document must be issued by a federal, provincial, or municipal authority and must include name and signature Driver's Licence Health Card Previously issued Canadian passport Federal, Provincial, Municipal employee identification card United States permanent resident card Certificate of Indian status Old age security card You must select a guarantor to sign your application, the backside of one of your photos, and the copies of the documents supporting your identity and citizenship.

Visa In order to legally work in most countries, a work visa is required. Preparing Your Documents The list includes reminders for preparing your documents; including obtaining a work visa, organizing your documentation and making copies, and gathering your families contact information and giving them yours.

As well as career opportunities, China also offers unrivalled travel opportunities.

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  7. China now has low-cost and easy to access transport networks. Teaching in China is an opportunity not to be missed. Indonesia is a breathtaking country made up of 13, islands. At a glance, Indonesia is a tourist hotspot, with Bali and Yogyakarta stealing the limelight. To locals and those in the know, it is much more than that.

    Indonesia is extremely diverse, both in terms of its environment and its culture. Should you decide to teach English abroad in Indonesia, then you have come to the right place. EF English First currently has over 77 schools across the country.

    Step 4: Prepare Yourself with Practical Tips for Teaching English Overseas

    Much of the country is made up of diverse landscapes, ranging from forest to arctic desert and open plains. The majority of the Russian population, live in urban cities around the country. Due to its size and geography, Russia is a company steeped in history and tradition. English teachers in the country often move there to explore the rich art scene and spectacular architecture.

    Due to fewer schools in the region, English teaching positions are highly competitive. As a teacher, you can join us at one of our kids and teens schools, or you can teach adults. All positions come with legal working visas, competitive local salaries and career advancement opportunities. Teaching English Overseas. Teacher Events Qualifications at EF.

    Legal Working Visa Provided.