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Now for the first time, Jesus is going to be separated from God and will bare the wrath of God. As knowing God is eternal life, being separated from God is eternal hell. The pain of being rejected by someone so close, so loved is unbearable for us. The closer you are, the more it hurts. And now the journey to the cross begins with the arrest. There is a large crowd armed with weapons and when they seize Jesus, his disciples try to fight back by cutting off an ear of a person in the crowd.

Jesus stops this immediately, and says he is going willingly to fulfill the Scriptures. Jesus is obeying and being faithful to his mission. Even though his heart is full of sorrow, he is still going to the cross, and he is going willingly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Gethsemane Day

Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Gethsemane Day by Dorothy Molloy. Gethsemane Day by Dorothy Molloy. Among her papers a group of further unpublished poems was discovered, which continue the concerns of Hare Soup, but include a group of poems written about her last illness.

It displays all the satirical verve and lyric drive of "Hare Soup" beginning with a poem on Barbie dolls , but modulates into a final section of lyrics which confront her illness and imminent death with harrowing lucidity. Get A Copy.

Paper - In Gethsemane | Urantia Book | Urantia Foundation

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Community Reviews. Father, I do pray for these chosen men. And I pray for them not as I would pray for the world, but as for those whom I have chosen out of the world to represent me to the world after I have returned to your work, even as I have represented you in this world during my sojourn in the flesh. These men are mine; you gave them to me; but all things which are mine are ever yours, and all that which was yours you have now caused to be mine.

You have been exalted in me, and I now pray that I may be honored in these men. I can no longer be in this world; I am about to return to the work you have given me to do. I must leave these men behind to represent us and our kingdom among men. Father, keep these men faithful as I prepare to yield up my life in the flesh. Help these, my friends, to be one in spirit, even as we are one. As long as I could be with them, I could watch over them and guide them, but now am I about to go away. Be near them, Father, until we can send the new teacher to comfort and strengthen them.

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These men are weak and frail, but I know we can trust them; I have proved them; they love me, even as they reverence you. While they must suffer much for my sake, I desire that they should also be filled with the joy of the assurance of sonship in the heavenly kingdom. I have given these men your word and have taught them the truth. The world may hate them, even as it has hated me, but I do not ask that you take them out of the world, only that you keep them from the evil in the world.

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. And as you sent me into this world, even so am I about to send these men into the world. For their sakes I have lived among men and have consecrated my life to your service that I might inspire them to be purified through the truth I have taught them and the love I have revealed to them. I well know, my Father, that there is no need for me to ask you to watch over these brethren after I have gone; I know you love them even as I, but I do this that they may the better realize the Father loves mortal men even as does the Son.

I want them all to be one, even as you and I are one. You are in me and I am in you, and I desire that these believers likewise be in us; that both of our spirits indwell them. If my children are one as we are one, and if they love one another as I have loved them, all men will then believe that I came forth from you and be willing to receive the revelation of truth and glory which I have made.

The glory which you gave me I have revealed to these believers.

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As you have lived with me in spirit, so have I lived with them in the flesh. As you have been one with me, so have I been one with them, and so will the new teacher ever be one with them and in them. And all this have I done that my brethren in the flesh may know that the Father loves them even as does the Son, and that you love them even as you love me. Father, work with me to save these believers that they may presently come to be with me in glory and then go on to join you in the Paradise embrace.

Those who serve with me in humiliation, I would have with me in glory so that they may see all you have given into my hands as the eternal harvest of the seed sowing of time in the likeness of mortal flesh. I long to show my earthly brethren the glory I had with you before the founding of this world. This world knows very little of you, righteous Father, but I know you, and I have made you known to these believers, and they will make known your name to other generations.

And now I promise them that you will be with them in the world even as you have been with me—even so. Sin creates a dead level of evil inertia, but righteousness nourishes the creative spirit of individual experience in the living realities of eternal truth and in the progressive communion of the divine spirits of the Father and the Son.

In the spiritual fellowship of the believer-son with the divine Father there can never be doctrinal finality and sectarian superiority of group consciousness. And that is truly what he did by the revelation of God through his perfected life in the flesh. As divine love reveals the nature of God, eternal truth discloses his name in ever-enlarging proportions.

While the eleven were engaged in a heated discussion of their traitorous fellow apostle, David Zebedee and John Mark took Jesus to one side and revealed that they had kept Judas under observation for several days, and that they knew he intended to betray him into the hands of his enemies. Let not your hearts be troubled; all things will work together for the glory of God and the salvation of men.